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Welcome to Antique and Modern Gemstones and Settings web site!
You may browse our antique gemstones by clicking the "gemstones" button to the left. You will find gemstones categorized for easy browsing. You may also view the settings and chains we have available as well. Navigation buttons are always to the left. Or you may choose to browse some of the special selections below.

Interested in the history of antique and ancient jewelry and gemstones? Want totally unique gemstone jewelry, unlike anyone else’s?


We have gathered together here antique, hand-crafted gemstones of centuries past. Gathered from around the world, inventoried in the USA, and available for shipment anywhere in the world. You may choose to purchase antique gemstones unset, and take them to your favorite jeweler and have them custom set. Or you might just want to buy them and appreciate them for their beauty - even unset. Or perhaps hold them as a tangible investment. Or if you prefer, we can have your purchases set for you by our order fulfillment center right there in the USA.









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