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How would you like to own and wear a 2,000 year old ancient ring last worn by a citizen of ancient Rome, a contemporary of Julius Caesar? How about a bracelet last worn by an ancient Greek, a contemporary of Plato or Socrates? Or perhaps a brooch or pin last worn by a citizen of Ancient Judea, a contemporary of Jesus Christ? Or perhaps glass beads last worn by ancient Egyptian 3,000 years ago? Or a citizen of Babylon or ancient Sumer 3,000 to 5,000 years ago? Or perhaps a pendant last worn by an ancient Celt two and one-half millennia ago?

If so, relax and sit back and enjoy a tour of some of ancient history's most valued possessions including personal jewelry, coins which were actually circulated by ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Sassanians, Parthians, Celts, etc. From the lands which were once part of the great ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Celtic, Byzantine and Hellenic Empires we have brought together the greatest treasures of time. Ancient jewelry, coins, pottery, glass, weaponry. Everything backed with an unconditional guarantee of both satisfaction and authenticity.

Interested in the history of antique and ancient jewelry and gemstones? Want totally unique gemstone jewelry, unlike anyone else's? Everyone has gemstone jewelry! You can buy it at hundreds of chain jewelry stores. And as beautiful as it might be, they're all pretty much machine stamped, mass produced pieces with little character or personality. Kind of like Bic Lighters - lots of pretty colors, and pretty designs, but when you get right down to it, somehow all plastic. There is an alternative. Antique handcut gemstones from Russia...and India, Ceylon, Burma, and Siam. While most seem to be perfectly happy with today's machine cut gemstones the artisans of past centuries cut their gemstones by hand, exercising both tremendous craftsmanship and patience.

Why buy an ordinary, just-like-the-others mass-produced gemstone? For less money you could purchase a piece of the past, a hand-cut precious or semi-precious gemstone produced by a real artisan. Here in Russia, fascinating precious and semi-precious gemstones have been produced for centuries. Gemstones such as color-change alexandrite, green demantoid garnet, mint green emeralds, and dazzling colors of sapphire as well as dozens of other species have been wrested free of the rocky Urals Mountains in Siberia.




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